Tuesday , January 16 2018
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32 Tinder Conversations that’ll make you Laugh, Cry or say ‘What the #&$%!”

Anyone engaged in the wacky world of online dating in LA knows…it ain’t easy!
Online dating in Los Angeles is a tangled web of egos, pretenders, false impressions and short attention spans.

Yes, there are those rare ‘diamonds in the rough’, but chances are you’ll have to go through a dozen ‘cubic zirconias in the dumpster’ before you get there.

But luckily for those who can step back take a break and find the funny in the whole experience, you’ll have a treasure trove of great bar stories and conversations that’ll keep eager ears open to enjoy your endless dating adventures.

Here’s a look at the conversations that will make you either disconnect from the internet entirely or laugh until your spleen burst.


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See #1-30 Crazy Tinder Conversations

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